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Meet the Family

Tom Feller

Patty Feller
Assistant Winemaker

Mia Feller
Tasting Room Manager


Ar’ti· san· al

A product made by skilled craftsperson

At Artisanal Wine Cellars we take our inspiration from the American Arts and Crafts movement, where the vision was to produce hand crafted products based on honesty and simplicity. The American Arts and Crafts movement focused on the structure and nature of materials and the details of the design and construction.

Our goal is to make wines that express the sum of the vineyard, the winegrower, and the winemaker. We work with small winegrowers in different viticultural areas of the Willamette Valley that have unique microclimates. This produces fruit which is a true expression of Oregon viticulture. As winemakers we use modern equipment to gently process the fruit in small lots. At every step we strive to let the best qualities of the vineyard’s fruit lead our winemaking. From the length of the cold soak, to the strains of yeast used, how we press the grapes, and the type of barrels used for aging, we let the wine lead our choices.

We are truly blessed to live and work in Oregon where the bounties of the earth are so great. While we revel in the wondrous technology that allows us to interact with winemakers from around the world, sharing knowledge and techniques, we are first and foremost dedicated to making Oregon wines.

To us wine is about something shared, the flavors of the vineyard and the touch of the winemaker, that is brought to your table to enjoy over a meal with friends and family.




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